All Good Things Must Come to an End.

After, two years, three months, and twenty some days… my time with workitout100 is coming to an end. When I started this life-altering chapter in life I had no idea such wonderful things would come from a 100-day fitness challenge. There have been many events that have happened in my life since the start of workitout100.

The top three that I am the most grateful for from workitout100 are:

First is my friendship with Amanda McGuire. Many of you might not know Amanda and I went to high school together, but were only acquaintances until January 2014 (yes, when workitout100 all started). When our friendship started it was as if we had been friends our whole lives. She is a one in a million — she is genuine, passionate, encouraging, and one of the most caring people I’ve ever met. I know she is someone who will be in my life forever. In this next chapter in life I am excited for our phone calls to be all about catching up and not all business. I know that this challenge is being left in the hands of an amazing and strong woman who is going to continue to encourage people around the world to get up and move.

Second is my career in the fitness industry. When workitout100 started I was working on my masters degree in Sports Administration and working in colligate athletics. After one year of changing lives online via social media, I knew I had to get back into the fitness industry and work with clients on a daily basis. I have now been a personal trainer again for over year and have loved every second of it! Every day I get to go to work and train my clients of different ages, abilities, goals, and interests. I’ve gotten to teach large group classes, train one on one clients, partners, virtual, and metabolic clients. Without workitout100 there is a chance that none of those things would have happened.

Last, but definitely not least, are the friendships I have gained through this challenge, both new friendships and friendships that have re-sparked because of workitout100. I have “met” hundreds of amazing people from all over the world through this challenge. I have gained so many great friends from all over the US who I know some day I will meet when I am able to travel the world. I am grateful for being able to reconnect with friends that I had lost contact with, I am so thankful that this challenge brought our paths together again.

To all of my friends and family members who have done workitout100 once, twice, and three plus times — You all are my rocks and I love you so much for always supporting me 110% in every single thing I pour my heart and soul into.

When every chapter ends, a new one begins. I am very excited to see what the future holds and I will forever look back on this chapter in my life and smile. I am still going to be following the workitout100 get up and move lifestyle, encouraging all of my clients to check it out, and will be following all of YOU on your journeys as well. I will still be active on Instagram so you can see what the next chapter for me is by following me @laurarenee_fitness.

Thank you Amanda for being such an amazing partner and friend, I cannot wait to see what you do with #workitout100. Thank you to the thousands of warriors, for believing in us and spreading the #workitout100 love.

Cheers to the Memories! xo <3 L