April Challenge: Love Yourself

We spend so much of our lives making sure the people around us are happy.  We make sure that our kids are fed, our friends have a shoulder to lean on, our parents know that we still love them, our grown children know we support them, our employees feel appreciated, grand-kids are snuggled, our bosses see us working hard, and the list goes on and on.

Here at Workitout100 we are focused on turning the spotlight onto ourselves.  Those of you who have been on the journey since the beginning or even those who are on day 1, have made that really tough decision to work on yourself.  Congrats on that! You deserve every bit of time for yourself as you can get on this journey!

We have focused a lot on fitness since this journey began and now we want to turn towards ourselves even more.  We can work on changing our body, lifting more weights, running the extra mile, fitting into a smaller pant size, until we are blue in the face…what we really need is to truly LOVE AND ACCEPT  ourselves, as we are, in the place we are in, in order to see and hold that change in our lives

Do you love yourself?  Do you enjoy time spent with yourself?  Are you the person you want to be?

We want to help you learn how to say “Yes” to these questions with our “Love Yourself” month! Each day there will be something new and exciting to do for YOU!   We are strong advocates that you are number one and in order to take care of all the other aspects in our lives listed above, you need to be able to perform and feel your best! (Download the Calendar Here: Workitout100-Love_Yourself_Calendar-wio100loveyourself)

#wio100Ambassador, Amanda Dunn, came up with this inspiring 30-day Love Yourself challenge.

A Note from Amanda Dunn: As a mental health therapist, a discussion I often have is with the connection between your physical health and your mental health.  They tend to be intertwined and without one you can really struggle to find the other.  Let’s say you wake up in the morning and you’re feeling sluggish.  You look at yourself in the mirror and are not happy with what you see.  You focus on the pound you didn’t lose, the bit hanging over your pants, the knot in your hair that just won’t go away.  How does that change your day?  What do you think the difference would be if you looked yourself in the eye and realized how beautiful/handsome you truly are, inside and out?  I’ll bet it would make a difference. In fact, I know it would.  Every morning I look into my mirror that says to me “You are beautiful” in puffy paint.  That way I am less likely to question it.

I know I enjoy when I get people cheering me on by letting me know how much progress I’m making, how awesome it is that I kicked my own booty in the gym, or just cheering me on for making it to the next day!  Now it is time to help ourselves out. To give ourselves the extra kick in that fantastic rump of ours!

Workitout100 asks you to take on this 30 day “Love yourself” challenge to see what a difference it can make.   Go above and beyond for yourself and share it with the rest of the Warriors out there. Give this challenge a shout out with #WIO100Loveyourself.