Avocado Turkey Burger

It’s almost Memorial Day weekend, which means BBQ season will officially be in full swing! I’ve always been a burger kind of gal, so finding different, sometimes healthier alternatives to your typical beef patty is a fun way to be adventurous in the kitchen…or the grill!

My favorite burger right now is my Avocado Turkey Burger. We all know that turkey is leaner meat, and avocado is a healthy fat, which are probably the only two things that can qualify as “healthy” in this recipe ; ) But I’m sure there are many substitutions for ingredients this recipe calls for. That’s the best thing about cooking – experimenting!

first picture

avocado slicer

Ingredients you’ll need:

1 lb of lean ground turkey

¼ cup Panko crumbs

1 ripe avocado, diced into small ‘squares’

Siracha – to taste

Whole Wheat Buns (or lettuce if you want to make a lettuce wrap burger!)

Swiss Cheese – or whatever cheese your prefer or maybe no cheese!

Honey Mustard or your favorite condiment

How to:

Grab a big bowl, fill with turkey, avocado squares, Panko crumbs and as much Siracha as you want! The Panko crumbs are what ‘binds’ our burgers so it *hopefully* stays together when cooking.

third pic- insta pic

Now the fun part, smoosh it all together with your hands till you get an even consistency. Now we make patties! No right or wrong way to do this, although don’t make them too thick as it’s harder to cook all the way through without burning (lesson learned). I usually grab a handful of turkey, round it into ball, then flatten it out a bit once it’s on the skillet/pan/grill. Cook until it’s done, until there is no more pink!

fourth raw burger

fifth cooked

I can’t promise you that some of your avocados will escape, so be careful if you’re grilling these bad boys.

Dress it as you please on whatever you please. Pairs well with veggies & a beer – or tea 😉

last final pic

Do you have Memorial Day plans this year? Do you have a signature dish you always bring to the BBQ?

-Courtney (Ambassador)