Be Your Own Cheerleader

“Go Amanda, You can do it!”

“You look great, keep it up!”

“Don’t give up now, you’re doing amazing!”

A lot of times these positive and encouraging phrases are said to us from our friends, family members and/or maybe a fitness instructor at the gym.  But guess what? YOU can be your own cheerleader.  You can encourage yourself, cheer yourself on and remind yourself on a daily basis how great you are!

I decided a few weeks ago to place positive and encouraging notes around my apartment, ones that I would see as I entered different rooms and at different times throughout the day.

Every time I would come across one of the notes that I posted around my apartment, no matter what time of day it was, I would feel happier, stronger and more confident.  Reading the words out loud to myself as I saw them,  it was a positive refresher that I am enough and that i’m doing the best I can.

I challenge you to write some positive phrases or words and post them around your house, maybe put one in your car and/or around your office at work.  We all need encouragement and although it’s nice to hear it from others, it’s important that we cheer ourselves on too and that we are our biggest fans.

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