Pumpkin Spice Abs That Are Nice- Day 1!

WOOHOO! HAPPY DAY 1 of Pumpkin Spice Abs That Are Nice! We are SO excited that today is finally here. We have been working very hard to give our webpage a fresh, new look and also to create all the ab exercises for this 31-day ab challenge.

Pumpkin Spice Abs That Are Nice is a 31-day ab challenge. This is our first challenge of many. We thought it would be fun to have a mini-challenge going on while everyone is completing their #workitout100 challenge. The best part is you, don’t have to be doing the #workitout100 challenge to participate in the ab challenge, anyone and everyone is welcome. Every day, for the whole month of October, we will post a new ab workout under the “fitness” tab on our webpage. We will suggest an amount of reps you should do for each exercise, but numbers will vary from person to person, so feel free to change or moderate.

Pumpkin Spice, Abs that are Nice Day 1: Plank

Your first ab exercise is the plank. The plank has many modification that you can do. We are demonstrating the most common form of the plank– on your forearms and up on your toes. If you want to make it a little more difficult you can straighten out your arms to make the angle your body makes greater. If you are looking for a little less difficult plank you can drop your knees onto the ground while still keeping your head, back, and butt in a straight line.

Some things to keep in mind while doing your plank is:
Keep your eyes on the ground below you
Keep your shoulders pulled down so your back muscles are engaged–think of pulling your shoulders down away from your ears
Keep your abs TIGHT– think about pulling your belly button up into your spine.
Keep your glutes tight
Do not put your butt up into the air or let your back curve. You’re body should be in a nice straight line at all times
**If you cannot keep your body in a straight line drop your knees down to the ground.

The goal is hold your plank for 30 seconds to a minute for 3 sets. You can rest for up to 30 seconds between each set if needed!

Good Luck Warriors! We cannot wait to see your check-ins about your planks today! Don’t forget to use #workitout100 and #wio100challenge

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