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Emily is 32 years young! She lives in Marietta GA currently and loves to travel! Working out brings Emily to her happy place every time. She loves working out. Cycling and running are her two main passions!

Her first round of Workitout100 completely changed how she views fitness. Getting up and moving, not for anyone else but herself! (Her mantra: “I’m worth it! I do it because I can! I remember those who can’t and push that much harder”).  She loves to make her workouts fun and is always looking for a new adventure.

If Emily is not working out she is probably hanging out with my friends, crafting, or planning her next ride or run. Her goal for the year is a sprint triathlon in June and a half marathon soon thereafter.

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Rachael is a 27 year old Nebraska girl living in the heart of Cornhusker Country. Go Big Red!  Rachael has a master’s degree in Sports Administration and works in intercollegiate athletics.

Fitness and sports have always been a big part of her life but after a her collegiate swimming career were cut short due to a shoulder injury, she struggled with working fitness into her life without having practice to go to and a coach to tell her what do. Thanks to Workitout100 she got back on track.  Rachael came out of retirement and started running again. She started biking and swimming again as well, she tried yoga for the first time and fell in love. Since beginning Workitout100 Rachael has completed 2 triathlons, 2 Spartan races, ran tons of 5ks and 10ks, practices yoga weekly and has ran 2 half marathons and is training for a third in May. Rachael loves her fellow ambassadors because they push each other and encourage each other to reach new heights. She enjoys being active everyday and in ways that fit into her schedule. Rachael loves cheering on new wio100warriors and inspiring others to get up and MOVE!

When Rachael is not working out you can find her spending time with her husband and her dog, Toby. She also likes hanging out with friends & family, traveling, taking photos, being outside as much as possible or upcycling old things into new treasures.”

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Courtney is a 26 year old small town gal who has now been living in Chicago for 6 years. Courtney graduated from Roosevelt University with a Bachelors in Hospitality Management with a focus in Event Planning. She’s currently a Wedding Planner at Sweetchic Events.

Courtney has been dancing, primarily jazz & hip hop, since she was 5 years old. She was captain of her high school dance team and MVP. After high school, she continued to choreograph routines for the junior high dance team and high school cheer team. Although dance still had a strong influence when she moved to Chicago, the famous college pounds were regretfully added on. Courtney turned to something she used to hate, running, to shed off those unwanted pounds. She not only found a hobby that fit her determined, goal oriented personality, but she found a healthier lifestyle as well. Courtney went from the girl who used to cry when she had to run a mile in gym class, or hide from the gym teacher, to an official marathoner when she finished the 2015 Chicago Marathon. Her healthy lifestyle also includes yoga, weight training, and eating clean but still satisfying her sweet tooth with dessert. Workitout100 has only fueled the fire and pushed Courtney harder to reach her healthy goals.

If Courtney isn’t working or working out, she’s most likely relaxing with her husband watching HGTV, hanging with her family, making cookies, or cleaning (for ‘Friends’ lovers – Courtney is a total Monica)

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Nicole is 32 years old and is from Stillwater, Minnesota. Nicole has been married to her ‘Summer after High School sweetheart’ for 6 years, has two fur babies & is a full time mom to her 4 year old, Isabella. She’s currently a stay at home mom and works part-time serving & part-time running her photography business.

Nicole has found a passion for working out & living a healthy lifestyle through the Workitout100 challenge. From round 1 through round 4, she’s gained a habit to be active daily, learned tips & tricks from the other ambassadors and challengers, and has maintained this lifestyle change through the incredible support and instpiration in this constantly growing community.

In her spare time she loves exploring with her daughter, going to concerts, painting, traveling, date nights with her husband, planning events, having a girls night or doing anything involving her creative side!

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Krista is an exercise enthusiast, wife, lover of the outdoors, podcast junkie, and obsessed with her greyhounds. As a native Floridian, she loves the beach, but is now landlocked living in Omaha, Nebraska. She loves psychology and has a master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling. Currently, she provides vocational evaluations and career counseling to individuals with disabilities, to identify appropriate job goals. She is presently provisionally licensed and hopes to be a fully licensed therapist soon. In the future, she hopes to mesh her two passions: health and wellness with counseling. Walking counseling sessions anyone? 🙂

Krista loves Work It Out 100 and can’t wait to meet more warriors!

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Sheehan is a 28 year old Chicago girl living in Indianapolis, IN.  She went to college at Butler University (go Bulldogs!) and studied marketing. Working at the fitness center in college stemmed her passion for fitness, but it wasn’t until the Workitout100 challenge where she became consistent & dedicated to health/wellness.  She is very grateful for the Workitout100 community of encouragers, leaders, and friends she has created.  Her passion lies within helping others find their best self within the health/wellness world, whether it be incorporate better food options, or get into a fitness regimen.  She enjoys setting goals & achieving them – one being: 3 half marathons completed, striving for a PR in May 2016 for her 4th half marathon.

Sheehan also enjoys spending time with her boyfriend, friends, and family being active/adventurous, creating new memories & living each day to the fullest. Her mantra is to live each day, focusing on the positives, and be grateful – because that’s all you can control: have faith in the process.

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Nicole Hamber is 33 years old and lives in Charlotte, NC. She was born in Connecticut- but grew up in North Carolina, so has a Yankee mentality, but a southern heart.  Nicole  has been in Property Management for 12 years, and is currently a Community Manager of apartments in uptown Charlotte.

Health + Wellness has been a priority in her life for the last year and a half.

Faith. Family. Fitness. Fun! These are a few of her favorite things!

She has plans to become a Certified Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor, and wellness coach. Workitout100 has helped keep her accountable, and inspiring and motivating others during their fitness journey has been the most rewarding experience! Hot Yoga is her workout of choice, and fun workout tanks and yoga pants are her  “outfit of choice”!

When Nicole isn’t working out, she is more than likely  FaceTiming with her adorable niece and nephew, taking her Jack Russell- Lucy for walks, watching one of her favorite TV shows, or drinking Blueberry coffee (obsessed)!
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Nikki is 40 years old and lives in Maplewood, MN.  She has a Master’s in Education and is a Kindergarten teacher who loves the craziness her students bring to her life.  Nikki is a group fitness instructor and enjoys bringing health and wellness to all ages and ability levels!  She has been on a journey to become healthy since becoming a mom 18 years ago.  She loves to inspire others to find their favorite way to move and stay healthy.  It is not always a smooth road and she has hit some bumps along the way but she keeps on trying!

Nikki loves to try new things and loves any workout she can do with a friend; or while binge watching TV.  (Netflix on her iPad is awesomesauce!)

When Nikki is not working out you will find her cheering on her teenage sons at their sporting events, spending time with her daughter at NDSU, or sneaking in a date night with her hubby.

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Bee is a college student at Winona State where she’s studying Special Education- Developmental Disabilities. In addition to school, she works seven jobs; two of them being a fitness instructor at different gyms, one being a dance teacher, and one is being the representative of Winona as Miss Winona in the Miss America Organization.
Despite her “busy bee” lifestyle, she still makes sure she gets a least an hour workout in a day! There’s days where she’s opened up the gym at 6am, or has closed it down at 10pm- no matter what though, she makes sure to get a good lift in!
Her life goal is to help everyone get happier and healthier with their lives, and she intends to do just that- for the rest of her life.
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Amanda is 29 years old and lives in Blaine, MN with her fiancé, Scott, and 2 kitties, Trooper (Troopy) and Francine (Franny).  She went to undergrad for a double major in psychology and criminology at the University of MN, Duluth. She continued her education at Argosy University in Eagan for her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy. She currently is a ‘more than’ full- time licensed mental health therapist at a non-profit organization and a private practice. She absolutely loves her job.

Health and Fitness has become a HUGE part of Amanda’s life over the past few years. She struggled with the same 30lbs over and over again. She gained all her weight in college. She started fresh with Workitout100 about two years ago and has since been on a journey to being the most fit she has ever been! She lives to inspire and help other people to work on themselves, both internally and externally.

When asked what she likes to do in her spare time her answers tend to be somewhere along the lines of, “What is spare time?” and “I don’t know, workout, lift weights, meal plan and prep!” Fitness and health is very important to finding balance and sanity in her life!

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