Day 1: Another Round of #Workitout100

Hello All!

It’s 2 days away from Christmas, I’m enjoying a few days off of work, and I decided to start up another round of #Workitout100.  My boyfriend and I will be starting TODAY, and we are both really excited.  I love the #Workitout100 challenge (and no, not only because i’m the co-founder of it…haha) because it’s a fun way to get/stay in shape and a great way to stay accountable.  I love countdowns (love is an understatement), so this is a great way for me to incorporate working out and countdowns together.

I’ve completed this challenge many times now, but every time has been different.  The first 100 days was by far the BEST 100 days yet.  I have never worked so hard, ate so healthy, and stuck to a routine so well before in my life.  I had determination like none other for those first 100-days.  I gave up alcohol, ate ridiculously healthy and worked out at least once a day- most days twice.  That challenge was amazing, but it wasn’t realistic.  I couldn’t possibly maintain the lifestyle I did for the first 100 days, and I was OK with that.  I lost 30 pounds, felt better than ever and created a lifestyle change- what more could you ask for?

day 1- WIO100

It’s almost two years after my first round of #Workitout100 and i’m in a great place; I feel strong and more confident than ever before.  I am looking forward to getting back to lifting and i’m ready to take my workouts up a few notches.  The past few weeks I have just been doing body weight workouts and minimal cardio but i’m definitely ready to get back to it and ROCK IT.

The pictures in the post are taken this morning- day 1, no edits.  I used to take day 1 pictures but never share the day 1 pictures until I had completed a few weeks worth of workouts, when I could do a side-by-side to show some progress that I made.  My last round of #Workitout100, I decided to be real, I decided to post my day 1 pictures for everyone to see where I was starting out.  I’m proud of my body and although I definitely can lose a few pounds and gain a great deal of muscle again, we all have to start somewhere.  I’ve taken a bit of a break from the hardcore daily workouts and I haven’t been too careful on what I’ve been eating lately, but i’m ready to get back at it and it’s going to be great.

Day 1- WIO100.. Day 1- WIO100-

As I mentioned above, my boyfriend and I will be doing another round of #Workitout100 together (We completed a round together this past summer and we loved doing it together).  It’s fun to do the challenge with a significant other because you can work towards your goals together and encourage each other along the way.  I would love it if YOU joined us on the challenge as well- the more, the merrier!

If you don’t feel like starting until after the holidays, that’s OK! You can get through the holiday and then kick it into high gear after the 1st of the year.  It doesn’t matter when you start, JUST START! As you all know, #Workitout100 is a 100-day fitness challenge to a healthier you.  The motto is: Get Up & Move.  You can walk, run, lift, swim, bike, etc..just get up and get moving. Tag us in your workout posts on social media so we can follow along and cheer you on!

I can’t wait to track my workouts and continue taking progress pictures along the way.  I will be posting my workouts on Instagram and Facebook; follow along!

Thanks for all your continued support and encouragement.

Cheers to 100!