Endorphins make you happy.

I’m just going to get at what we all already know, being an adult is hard. When we were all growing up, we wanted to be older because then we could do whatever we wanted. Little did we know, how much of whatever we wanted to do also came with what we were required to do. And through the balancing act of whatever we want to do and what we are required to do, comes the hard part; the stress. Sometimes when you let that stress build up, it really starts to weigh you down.
I’m saying this all based on personal experience. Once upon a time ago, I didn’t have a good balance of what I wanted to do and what I as required to do. I felt stressed and bogged down constantly. My normal positive demeanor wasn’t a constant factor in my personality as often anymore. Then I discovered something that changed everything: endorphins. When I started working out more consistently a couple years ago and found a workout that I enjoyed, I felt my attitude changing. I felt happier, experienced less stress and more confident than I had been in YEARS. And I completely credit it to the natural endorphins my body was releasing after I completed that workout for the day.
If there is any bit of advice I can bestow on a friend, colleague, or new acquaintance, it will be to go find that workout that gets your heart pumping and challenges you. If you’re a social person, try out that workout class you’ve been eyeing or grab a friend to join you at the gym. If you enjoying solidarity, find that path to bust through those miles on or that playlist to help push you at the gym. Because when you do, the combination of completing that workout, and enjoying it while you did, will trigger your body will release the endorphins into your brain, giving you a positive and energizing outlook on life. Find your favorite way and enjoy the endorphins. They’ll make you happy.
Brittany (Ambassador)