What counts as a workout?

A workout can be anything that gets you up and moving. There are no time/length requirements for a workout. You can workout at a gym or at home. A workout could be running, walking, swimming, a dance class, yoga, weight lifting, biking, etc. The options are endless, try to vary your routines. You want to keep yourself motivated.

Does the Workitout100 program provide workouts for the challengers?

No, there are no set workouts provided.  There are a some great at home workout ideas on the website under the ‘Fitness’ tab.  Check them out.

Do we get rest days?

Yes, absolutely! Everyone’s body needs rest. Active rest days are encouraged. Instead of doing a high intensity workout every day, have a day or two each week where you take it easy; go for a walk, do some yoga, light stretching, or some ab exercises.

What if I have to re-start my challenge?

It’s more than okay if you have to re-start your challenge. This is called a “challenge” for a reason.

100 days is a long time to work out, and we get that. Also, life happens and things come up. If for some reason you have to restart your challenge just send an email to: workitout100@outlook.com. Include your name, email address and new start date. Your information will be updated in the system.

What happens after the 100 days?

After your 100 days, hopefully you have created a fitness routine that you can stick with and a routine that works with your daily schedule.  Challengers are strongly encouraged to continue on the journey.  There are a few challengers who have taken on the 365 day challenge- maybe you want to too!

How can I get more involved with the Warrior community?

A great way to get involved in the Warrior community is to cheer on the other Warriors during their fitness journeys. We all want someone to root for us on while taking on a challenge. Encouragement from our peers helps to keep us going and it is nice to know that others are following along. Support is also great for your accountability. Search the tag: #workitout100 on different social media platforms, and take some time to comment on some of the posts.