Five things we can learn from the Olympics

The end of summer can be pretty depressing. It means the end of pool parties, vacations, road trips and the start of school. However, every four years the Olympics come around and ease the summer blues! Watching the world’s most talented athletes compete is thrilling.

The sense of unity and national pride is almost palatable during this season. It’s such a breath of fresh air as compared to the polarizing talk of politics buzzing around these days. We can all agree that Simon and Phelps are amazing! I love watching the athletes compete and excel. The sporting events are all varied, but the athletes are all similar in their strength, talent, and drive to crush their goals.

Even though we are only participating as bystanders on our couches, there are several things we can learn from these incredible athletes.

1. Commitment to your goals.
The dedication and commitment that these athletes demonstrate is a large reason they are at the Olympics. At some point, they decided they wanted to be the best. In order to reach that goal, they had to focus and practice.  We might not be striving to compete to be the best at a certain sporting event, but we can strive towards our personal fitness goals. Dream big and work hard!

2. Practice doesn’t make perfect.
Yes, you read that correctly. In order to perfect their skills, these athletes had to be willing to fail, take correction and try again. Practice makes perfect is simply not correct. Perfection comes from learning from our mistakes and trying again until we get it right.

3. Our mindset is vital for our performance.
Have you ever seen an athlete make a mistake and not be able to recover? It can mean the difference between victory and defeat. The same is true for us mere mortals. Discouragement and self doubt are crippling.

4. We all need support.
Whenever an athlete wins, one of my favorite parts to watch is the expression of their parents or spouse. I love seeing the overwhelming sense of pride and excitement beaming on their face.  They may not have won, but the sense of accomplish is shared with their athlete.  It reminds me about the power of support. We all need someone in our corner cheering us on and helping us celebrate our victories.

5. It takes a village.
Something that always strikes me is the amount of resources, coaches and support that is behind each athlete. They didn’t arrive to the podium to receive that medal alone. Don’t try to go about your fitness alone either! Work It Out 100 is here for you! We are all on our own fitness journeys and would love to share the knowledge we have learned on the way. A great new resource is the Facebook group for new challengers. So take the challenge, join the group and let’s reach our goals together.

-Krista (Ambassador)