Get Up & Move

We’ve said before, and we’ll say it again…Get Up & Move! That’s our motto and we’re sticking to it.

When people hear about the #workitout100 challenge, a lot of people’s reaction includes something along the lines of: “I have to workout 100 days in a row?”, and they ask it in disbelief, like that’s something they could never see themselves doing. We get it, it is a big commitment. But it’s a commitment we know is possible and one that you won’t regret.

Anything that gets you up and moving counts towards a workout for the #workitout100 challenge. It could be 15 minutes of moving or it could be 2 hours- it will vary from day to day, person to person.

Below is a list of just some “get up and move” activities that could count towards your workout:
-Swim Laps
-Take a yoga class
-Bicycle/spin class
-Weight lifting

Make it fun! Working out doesn’t have to be boring or a grueling task.

What’s your favorite workout? Comment below!