Amanda’s #workitout100 Story

I have never been what I would consider an athlete of any sort. When I went off to college I gained about 50lbs from some poor life choices. Since I graduated college I have been on an up and down journey to lose it. I would lose 30, gain it back, lose it again, and there I was, July of 2014.  It all started with the help of my friend Alyssa F wearing a workitout100 tank top that said “ask me what day I am on” and me simply asking the question it told me to. That Sunday when I got home from her parents cabin I searched Workitout100 online and made the commitment to start. As of 2/2/15 I am on day 203 of my life changing journey.

The changes I have noticed include but are not limited to the following: I can see my collar bone. I have more energy than ever before. I am awake and to the gym by 6:00am majority of the mornings just to get my workout in. I end up getting to work on time/10 minutes early 99% of the time where prior to this I was 80% of the time 1 minute-5 minutes late. I am able to help out my clients (I am a mental health therapist) in a more effective way, asking them to do something I am currently doing. My day does not feel complete unless I move in some way. I can see a bicep, a tricep and even my quads. I have not seen those in….maybe ever? I am starting to have some definition in my stomach as well. I am not only mentally healthier than I was 203 days ago, but physically as well. I used to struggle much more often with illness. I have had significantly less sick days. Call me crazy, but I think that has a strong connection.  I find that for the first time in my life I am not doing this to be skinny or lose weight. I am doing it to gain muscle, show myself I am stronger than I ever thought possible. This is no longer for anyone else. This is all for me. I had that epiphany around day 75-80. I don’t want to be skinny according to society’s views. I want to be strong. I am basing my success on how I feel. On all of these things I listed above. On my changes I see in my pictures. On the muscles I notice I never had before.

For the first time in my life I am a warrior and an athlete and I have these two wonderful and beautiful ladies and all of the support I got from my friends, family and yes, even social networking to thank for that. I do not plan on quitting this time around.

I was thrilled when I was asked to be an ambassador for WIO100! I have lived my life by it and have encouraged others to start a journey, why not push myself and others even more! This has given me an extra push of energy to keep going. To let others know that they can do it as well. I have never been one to give up on other areas in my life. I’m certainly not going to now. I love my body, I love lifting, I love seeing the changes, and I LOVE inspiring people. Each person that starts their journey and keeps pushing and reaching goals, fuels my fire even more. I appreciate this and own my current health and lovely muscles to Amanda and Laura! Love you gals!

Remember, starting is the hardest part. Trust me! There are days I would rather lay in bed an hour longer, days I want to eat what I used to eat, and then I think…how can I post about that?! How can I inspire people by not doing what I am asking others to do? It will be hard. It will be trying. It will be worth it! Results take time and consistency. Set small goals and reach for them! Be a rockstar!!