Megan’s #workitout100 Story

The WorkItOut100 Challenge came at the perfect time. While I’ve been active and involved in exercise consistently for years, my relationship with working out has always been rocky. I would go through times that I was in a solid routine of going to the gym, and then times where the thought of changing into work out clothes for the purpose of actually working out (and not just because they are so comfortable) was overwhelming at the end of the day. I’ve always been conscious of my weight and had parts of me that I wished were different.

In January, I was experiencing some rocky times with my gym relationship. While I worked with a trainer weekly, wasn’t doing much beyond that. I would pack my work out bag in the morning, but by the time my day of teaching second grade was over, I couldn’t even fathom going to the gym and having my day of activity last even 30 minutes longer. A nap seemed to be such a better option! I was not necessarily unhappy, but I was thinking of how much better I felt when my work out routine was solid and consistent.

About this time, my friend and colleague, Allie, told me that she had just started the WorkItOut100 Challenge, started by her college friend Amanda. When Allie mentioned the challenge, my immediate thought was “What?! That would mean you have to work out on Fridays, and during the weekend– those are rest times!” As Allie explained more about the challenge I became more intrigued. I thought about the challenge, but kept telling Allie that I didn’t think it was for me. After three days of talking and having Allie stop by my classroom to remind me about the challenge she was a part of, I went to the gym on a Wednesday afternoon. I took a “selfie” of my whole body and decided this was it. Wednesday, January 29th was Day #1 for me. There was no looking back. I committed, told Allie, and told anyone else I could– in order to keep myself accountable. The next day, I made a calendar, marking all the days until my day 100– which was scheduled for May 8th (SO FAR AWAY FROM JANUARY)– and decided I would have my own personal Sticker Chart, marking each day I completed (the teacher in me just couldn’t resist!).

Fast forward 100 days of working out, talking about the challenge, “annoying” my family and friends by talking about the challenge, encouraging others to start the challenge, and facing days where I just couldn’t even fathom going to the gym, I made it. There were days where a work out consisted of laying on my bedroom floor to do stretches or ab work outs because I couldn’t push myself to do anymore (more than I would have done prior to the challenge), but I did 100 days in a row of working out!

The moment I walked out of the gym on day 100, after one of my favorite HIIT classes with my trainer, I felt amazing. I am so happy and proud that I have participated in this journey, and, while I have had to take a day off since my day 100, I look forward to continuing this habit that the Challenge has made me develop and even restarting the challenge for another 100 days. While I didn’t lose any weight (I actually gained weight– chalking that up to muscle mass), looking at the pictures I took along the way and my “Day 1” picture next to my “Day 100” picture, I know that I have become much more toned and gained a tremendous amount of muscle. The challenge taught me that the scale is not “the end all be all” and that there is more than a number that defines health. I am a healthy, active, involved person that is proud of whom I am and proud of what I accomplished. Thank you WorkItOut100– Amanda and Laura– and Allie and everyone who cheered me on along the way as I started this journey– it’s only just begun!