Courtney’s #workitout100 Story

When it comes to talking about my transformation, it doesn’t translate well in photos.  My Worktiout100 story started kind of different…

I was already at my lowest weight when I started my workitout100 journey. When I found out about it through a friend’s Instagram, I knew this was a challenge I could complete. It was unlike any other that I had come across. The best parts? No one was spamming my photos to join the challenge, the challenge itself was FREE, and you didn’t have to purchase anything to go with it. It was just you and your journey.

But it turns out, it wasn’t just me. It was me and hundreds of other Warriors starting on the same journey themselves. I had signed on when our co-founders were just starting and were only a quarter of the way through their first 100 days! It was like we were all in this together – and the support you were getting was consistent, and most importantly, sincere.

What did Workitout100 do for me?

I’ve never considered myself remotely athletic. I had been dancing since I was five – but because it was never really a “sport”, I just wasn’t an athlete in my mind. I continued to dance almost 5 days a week until I graduated high school. As with many stories, I gained most of my weight during college. I stopped dancing, and working out was a rarity (not to mention all late night food).  After I graduated, at my highest weight ever, I was disgusted with myself and started to run thinking it was the fastest way to shed the pounds.

Fast forward about two years, I had my fitness Instagram and was a running machine. I love how it took off the weight I gained during college, and then some. But then I became obsessive about being skinny and always stepping on the scale. When I started Workitout100, I knew that if I wanted to be active 7 days a week – I wasn’t going to be able to do it all running. So I started incorporating other exercises along the way. I incorporated heavier strength training into my weekly routine. I ended up picking a day that I would dedicate just to yoga. I started to see my body transform into something I wasn’t used to. It wasn’t just lean – I was getting strong. I LOVED seeing the definition in my arms and seeing baby abs in the morning.

Now I love doing HIIT/Interval Training (my latest obsession!!) and I do yoga challenges via Instagram which have really tested my strength and patience. Workitout100 helped me see who I wanted to be. I didn’t want to be aiming for a goal weight – I wanted to be a strong, healthy woman. It helped me venture out of my running comfort zone and find new things do to, which I have now fallen in love with.

Workitout100 has also helped me mentally. I’ve always struggled with negativity and anxiety – and taking time each day to “get up and move” really allowed me let go and release this negative energy I always had going on. If I do not do some type of exercise (even stretching!) each day – I feel it. I find myself in a dark haze most of the day and feel very fatigued. Workitout100 has made my life more positive.

The sense of community cannot be talked about enough. These women who I have ‘met’ are SO inspiring. From those with amazing weight loss journeys, to soon to be moms kicking some serious butt, to women like me  just trying to find themselves – each person’s story makes you work hard and keeps you accountable.

Now here I am, sweating for the wedding, marathon training, and over a quarter of the way through my second round of 100 days! I’ve recruited my best friend and my mom along this journey. To be an ambassador for this company is something I’m truly grateful for and I cannot wait to see where the future takes us!

-Courtney Brust