Nichole’s #workitout100 Story

My whole life I have been this “tiny little thing” I am 5’1” and had been shopping in the petite section of the clothing store for most of my adolescent life- that was just the norm. I was always really active in sports (soccer, and track) in high school and going into college with a major in Exercise Sports Science it never occurred to me that I would need to worry about what I eat or drink, I could do whatever I wanted. “The freshman 15 was not something I had to worry about!”  Looking back, it was a pretty naive way of thinking because my “fast metabolism” was not willing to keep up with this new college lifestyle.

During my 5 years at UW-River Falls my small frame took on several different pants sizes, confidence levels, and feelings of wellness. During my heavier times I felt so sluggish, bloated and unmotivated.  There were days I couldn’t get through my whole day without wanting or needing to take a nap. It would take me to that point of exhaustion that I would realize I need to make a change and I would for a little while. Shed a few pounds, gain my confidence back but it never really stuck. Until I saw my former high school track captain, role model and friend Laura Sonnek began posting on Facebook & Intsagram about this challenge called “#WorkItOut100”

I instantly was attracted to the inspiring community of motivated people all on different fitness levels, living very different lives but ALL seeking out the same goal = to live a healthy lifestyle!  And I have to say #WorkItOut100 fell into my lap at the right time in my life. Nearing the end of my super senior year it really helped me to not only be motivated, healthy and accountable in my health and wellness, but helped me to stay focused on why I went to school for Exercise Sports Science in the first place! It helped me to stay positive, set goals, and work hard. Ultimately, it was one of the many building blocks to who I am today.

Today, I am about to embark on my 2nd round of #Workitout100 the  final 100 day countdown to my wedding on June 26th! I have new goals for my #wio100sweatingforthewedding and can’t wait to see how my body is going to change! Also, I am very excited to not only have my fiancé Davis Bates participating, but along with him many of my family members, friends and bridal party members are joining in on such a great challenge. I know that it will be just as impactful for all of them, as it has been for me. I have LOVED being an ambassador for Amanda & Laura and have a LOT to thank them for!