Nicole’s #workitout100 Story

I was never able to consistently live a healthy lifestyle until I began Workitout100. Since high school I’ve fluctuated in weight & diet. Doing the whole not caring thing for awhile and then trying new diets, programs or cleansing…all having short term results of course. Nothing consistent. Nothing healthy long term.

I found workitout100 last year through Amanda, watching her journey & seeing all the changes in her was driving me crazy! I wanted that so bad & at the time, had probably the busiest summer of my life! So literally the day after the last commitment I had at the time, I dove in head first!

That was August 2014…since then I have been consistently active for 245 days in a row. I owe that to this challenge…which I can confirm, turns in to a lifestyle.

I have received support and encouragement from an amazing group of girls from around the world. The connections made via social media & the stories shared have taught & inspired me! Every day there’s new motivation, work outs, recipes to try, etc…these are just a few things that keep me going…not to mention how exciting it is to watch your own transformation!

I couldn’t be happier having Workitout100 a part of my life. I’ve found happiness in myself & in a healthy lifestyle that’s long term.

– Nicole Rodriguez, Stillwater MN