Sara’s #workitout100 Story

My name is Sara and I’m 25 years old. Earlier in 2015, I was in an unhealthy relationship that eventually turned into an unhealthy lifestyle. I was binge eating almost every day. I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. Every day I woke up unhappy with myself and the direction my life was going. At the end of July I came home from work and my boyfriend had left me. I sat and cried in his empty closet space for hours. The next day I woke up and a light switch flipped in my mind. I NEEDED to change. I NEEDED to do something for myself or this would only get worse. I was browsing through Instagram when I came across the Workitout100 page and decided this is it, this is what I will do. I’ve started and quit many things, many times. But for some reason this became close to my heart. I began documenting my workouts with pictures on my Instagram and that felt more real, that I was being held accountable. As the days passed, I began to feel stronger, physically and mentally. Fast forward 100 days I am now down 40 pounds. I started at 215.4 and today I am 175.0. My weight isn’t the biggest change. I am so happy. I look forward to every day. I have seen my family and friends more often. I am back to being me, to being SARA and that is what I cherish the most out of this challenge. Thank you Workitout100, for your supportive comments throughout my journey. You popped up into my life right when I needed you the most. My journey isn’t over, it’s only beginning.

WIO100 Story