Guest Warrior: Top 10 Tips to Fuel Your #Workitout100 Body

Recently I started working with a nutrition & weight training coach – and it’s been the best thing I have ever done (besides joining the #Workitout100 community, of course).  Thankfully, with the help of the “#workitout100 challenge” I was able to establish the drive, motivation, and consistency of a healthy lifestyle –or as the motto says “get up & move!”  When it came to nutrition though, I didn’t feel like I was fueling my body with the right foods.  It wasn’t that I was eating fast-food, or snacking on several bags of chips, but I just knew I needed to be fueling my body with better options than cereal all day long.  I didn’t know where to start.  With the help of a coach, I have learned so many great things – many of which I want to share with you!

Top 10 Tips to Fuel Your #Workitout100 Body:

  1. Maintain the 80/20 rule – it’s hard to be perfect (100%) all day long, so at least make sure 80% of your day you work to select the best choices for your body.
  2. Peanut Butter – if you have a love for peanut butter as much as I do, and haven’t tried PB2 yet – it’s a must. It’s a powdered peanut butter that can be easily mixed with water to create the same consistency as regular peanut butter, put in smoothies as powder, etc. It can be found at most grocery stores or online. It’s easy to pack, mix & enjoy.  It contains less calories & saturated fat than traditional peanut butter, still containing the delicious peanut butter flavor!
  3. Planning & Food Prep –a favorite quote of mine –“failing to plan is planning to fail.”  If you have healthy, nutrient dense snack options available it will better fuel your body all day long. If you’ll be running errands, at work all day long, or between several activities – plan ahead!
  4. Along with preparing food, make sure you are measuring or weighing food based on the serving size. I could easily eat half of a box of cereal in one sitting if I didn’t measure it.  Remember the rule of thumb – about 3 oz of meat is the size of a deck of cards.  If you’re prepping your food for the week, measure it all into containers to make it easier to grab –then you know you’re eating the correct portion!
  5. Eat protein with every snack or meal – often times I would have a snack like strawberries, and when talking with my coach, she would always recommend adding a protein, such as: a hard-boiled egg, Greek yogurt (there are some delicious 80 cal/14g protein ones out there!), or PB2 with my apple – easy enough!  Need something for breakfast? Try oatmeal with whey protein powder & berries!
  6. When eating meals out, it’s best to either look at the menu before & plan what you will eat, or when you go out make sure to pick basic things like chicken or turkey burgers with minimal toppings. For me, as I am using a nutritional counting system, I try to select more protein-based foods, rather than carbohydrates.   If something comes with bread, I would rather they remove it beforehand so I am not tempted — that’s just my personal strategy.  This may also mean that I started the day with oatmeal (carbohydrate), so therefore, I will stray from bread at dinner.
  7. Since I am using a nutritional counting system, the key is that I can consume anything as long as I hit my calories & protein. With that being said, it’s important to know that you may eat foods in moderation not deprivation.  Of course, it’s fine to eat foods that you enjoy, but just in moderation. If you find yourself depriving yourself from chocolate for a week or two, you may find yourself eating the whole bag in one sitting by the end of the month.
  8. Water intake is also important to keep you hydrated throughout the day, and of course your workout, or bike ride.  I generally suggest if you are not a big water drinker to start small – making a goal of 40-50 oz a day, and eventually working up to 100 oz a day.  Water has so many great benefits such as clear skin, energizing your muscles, helps your kidneys, makes you feel fuller, and many more things – so this is a great habit to add to your lifestyle if you’re not already doing it!
  9. Post workout smoothies – experimenting with different smoothie options is fun – use this as an opportunity to use Greek yogurt, whey protein powder, fruits and/or veggies, and egg whites (I never knew you can do this –I usually use 1/3 cup of egg whites in my smoothies).
  10. Find an accountability partner for your workouts and/or food.  I have a friend that we will touch base regularly & talk about foods we like, new recipes, things we have learned, etc.  This will also keep you on track to success

Remember it’s a process to learn these things over time – but when you stick to it consistently it will be a habit – one you won’t regret!

-Sheehan (Ambassador)