Amy’s #workitout100 Story

Fitness. A word known by many, pursued by several, and individually exemplified uniquely.

Being active has always played a huge role in my life. Soccer absorbed 14 years of my existence and having an active metabolism allowed me to eat basically whatever I pleased. Then college happened. For the first time-I didn’t have two-a-day practices, games three times a week, or extra strength and conditioning courses. My metabolism seemed to slow down and I went from 6-pack abs to having to buy new jeans. I didn’t feel “comfortable” in my own body any more.

Since college, I tried just about every diet, fling, protein pyramid, and body cleanse the world had to offer. I was captivated with numbers and scales and would go from extreme highs to extreme lows. My fitness life seemed like a yo-yo. I was both super motivated and felt on top of the world-or I was unmotivated, sluggish, and would shy away from the “fitness world”.

I was tired of “starting again on Monday” or pinning “workout motivation” on Pinterest while sitting on the couch. I was in desperate need of a consistency, positivity, and an encouraging network. Cue the discovery of “WorkItOut100”.

WorkItOut100 represented everything I had been longing for.  A community of encouraging and positive people who were striving for the same goal: an active lifestyle. I reassembled my way of defining “fitness”. WorkItOut100 taught me that being active didn’t mean I had to be at the gym for hours. The idea of an “active lifestyle” meant so much more!

100 days seemed like a long journey to complete at first, but when you have the right mindset-it’s only a small stepping stone for the rest of your life. Thanks to Laura and Amanda, I have a new energy-a new mindset-a new joy towards fitness!