Laura’s #workitout100 Story

Wow, where do I even begin… over a year ago I committed to 100 days of being active. I had just moved to a new state, started a new job, and got my first gym membership (I’ve always worked out at my school’s gym so never needed one). It was a very exciting time in my life and I was ready to finally take charge of my eating habits and wanted to feel comfortable in my skin again. I was adjusting to being “alone” and having a lot of me time. I have always been a person who likes to over committee myself to things—work multiple jobs and have a very active social life. I now had one career, and moved to a place where I had no friends yet. Amanda, who was my acquaintance at the time, had JUST posted a video about this 100-day challenge she was starting and was looking for others to join her. I had no idea what I was committing to but I was ALL GAME! Earlier in fall 2013 I became a Tone It Up member and they really helped me kick start my fitness routine. I was doing a couple workouts during the week, and loved the community support. Then #workitout100 came into my life and it really drove it home for me and this challenge really made it a lifestyle change.

My initial 100 days of workitout100 was hands down the best 100 days of this journey. Every day was awesome and exciting, I started lifting more, started to do yoga, got my butt back into running—even committed to run a MARATHON! These 100 days were in no way “easy”, I pushed myself because I wanted to see my results. Having Amanda as a “workout buddy” – even if it was long distance—helped me so much! We held each other accountable and pushed each other to #beastmode it every day! We even started to do very similar workouts and eating the same as well—it’s so much easier to go through a big lifestyle adjustment when you have someone else doing it too. Yes, there were days I did not want to go to the gym and do 30 minutes of cardio—but Amanda did it, so I had to too. Or there were days I just wanted pizza and ice cream for dinner—but Amanda had chicken and veggies, so I wasn’t going to cheat if she didn’t!

I am a very visual person, so I tracked my 100 days by writing each workout I did on a calendar, and I got two mason jars and 100 marbles and started with all my marbles in one jar and each day moved a marble over to the other jar. It sounds so silly, but something as small as moving a marble over to another jar everyday felt SO GREAT!  I also took progress pictures the first of every month to keep me motivated, there were months I felt like I couldn’t see any changes but the way my clothes were fitting were definitely different!

My journey with #workitout100 has been life changing. I am a much more active, outgoing, confident, and positive person than a was a year ago. My results did not happen over night and I did not do any type of special diet or drink something special to lose weight. I worked HARD and ate healthy!! I didn’t live in the gym 24/7 either– I went on mini vacations and still went out to dinner and out with friends. I just made better choices on food I ate and what my exercise was the next day. Life is about finding your balance and what works best for YOU– that is how you will be successful!

Amanda and I always talk about how much we miss the initial 100 days of this challenge. For all of you, who are in the initial 100 days — live it up, work harder than you ever thought possible, and keep changing your life! You are the one in control and this is YOUR journey!! If you have completed the #workitout100 challenge we want to hear YOUR story! Please consider emailing us your story so we can share it with others!