Motivational Tidbits and Benefits of Running/Cycling Outside

So we all like to Get Up and Move, right? Running, walking, riding bikes, it doesn’t really matter what we choose to do, we are doing it, right? Well here are a few things to think about next time you are planning a workout that might make you want to move it outdoors away from gym land.

  • Unplug! Go outside. It is a change up from seeing the inside walls of a gym. All those T.V.’s hanging, plugging into technology to hear the music or listen to the news while on the treadmill. How about UNPLUGGING. Leave the phone and iPod at home. Run your own pace. Sometimes I find it so much more gratifying when I hear my own feet hitting pavement or gravel. Or hear myself panting after climbing that mountain on my bike. You hear your own body working! Can you hear it??
  • You set your own pace! There isn’t anyone screaming to stand and pedal for interval time. There isn’t a belt underneath your feet telling you the MPH you have to run to not fly off like Taylor Swift’s video. It is you, the pavement, your legs, and your thoughts! If you want to sprint, then sprint. If you want to leisurely enjoy a conversational pace, then enjoy talking with friends. The choice is yours and you have control. What do you choose??
  • The more the merrier! Unlike in the gym where there may be limited equipment for you and your pals to run/ride/lift/jump, outside there are ENDLESS possibilities. Group runs and rides are all alike. A group of friends enjoying the same passion. You may split off into different pace groups but you are all out there doing the same thing. The roads are big enough to hold everyone (just obey local laws please). But go hit the trails or the open roads. Invite friends and motivate strangers. Not only do you get the company of others but it is an amazing opportunity to learn new techniques from everyone around you as well.
  • Weather Conditions…lets discuss. Windy, rainy, sunny. What is your choice? Have you ever reaped the benefits of a tail wind?? Sure sometimes the head wind takes a lot out of you, but you have to be thankful for the turnaround tail wind! Ever run a mile or 2 in the rain?? It is a blessing in disguise. Nature’s shower, air conditioner, instant creator of a B.A. in the making! You push through those miles in the rain and when you finish you feel like you can conquer anything! Can’t tell if its sweat or rain…PERFECT! Has the doctor ever told you that you need more vitamin D?? The sun will help you with that!! Being outside in the sun AND exercising…go back and tell the doctor that’s what you are doing. See how happy they are.
  • There are others out there looking forward to seeing your face as you pass that you just might not know. If you frequent a route or location the same as these strangers, they will begin to see you and look for you. I know this because I do it myself! Don’t you??
  • The courtesy wave: As someone who enjoys cycling and running outside myself, you will always pass (or be passed) by others doing the same. This has taught me to respect their passion and pace as well. It may not be the same pace as yours or the same style as you, but they are out there doing something. A simple smile or a wave just might be that push that they need to get through that last mile or top of the climb! Would it help you??

There really are countless benefits to working out outside and each one of them really comes down to the bottom line, “Get Up and Move” You will not regret it, I promise! Get your friends, your family, even your co-workers involved. Spread the word! Have fun, be goofy and remember you never know who you are inspiring!

-Emily (Ambassador)