Nicole Hamber is 33 years old and lives in Charlotte, NC. She was born in Connecticut- but grew up in North Carolina, so has a Yankee mentality, but a southern heart.  Nicole  has been in Property Management for 12 years, and is currently a Community Manager of apartments in uptown Charlotte.

Health + Wellness has been a priority in her life for the last year and a half.

Faith. Family. Fitness. Fun! These are a few of her favorite things!

She has plans to become a Certified Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor, and wellness coach. Workitout100 has helped keep her accountable, and inspiring and motivating others during their fitness journey has been the most rewarding experience! Hot Yoga is her workout of choice, and fun workout tanks and yoga pants are her  “outfit of choice”!

When Nicole isn’t working out, she is more than likely  FaceTiming with her adorable niece and nephew, taking her Jack Russell- Lucy for walks, watching one of her favorite TV shows, or drinking Blueberry coffee (obsessed)!
To get to know Nicole better, you can follow along with her personal social accounts: Instagram