Progress is progress

No matter how big or how small, progress is progress.  This is a concept that took me a while to discover and even longer to accept.  Before Workitout100 was a thing, I was always either all in or all out when it came to my health and fitness.  I would hit my workouts to the extreme or I would skip workouts for months.  I always started out so strong that it wasn’t a lifestyle I could maintain for a long time which is why I always found myself getting in great shape then once I got to where I felt great I would stop the working out but then I would find myself back at square 1 again, wanting to get in shape and look good (again) just a few months later.

It was a viscous cycle.  One that wasn’t healthy for me and something had to change.  My first 100-days of Workitout100 were INTENSE.  Crazy-cardio every morning, lifting every night, no alcohol for the full 100 days and didn’t eat a drop of bad food.  It was great for the 100 days but not a lifestyle that would work for me for the long haul.  After my 100-days were over, I decided I wanted things to be different this time around, I wanted to maintain all my hard work and not find myself back at square 1- again.  That’s when I decided to commit to getting up and moving, doing something (whether it was 15 minutes or 60 minutes) every single day.  I would try to eat healthy majority of the time yet still enjoy life.

It was after my first 100 days when I realized that any progress, big or small, was great progress.  Progress doesn’t have to be measured by the scale; it can be measured in many different ways.  The best part? You decide how you want to track your progress!

For me, progress pictures work great because I love to see changes week after week.  I can tell progress is being made when I can sprint faster when doing intervals on the treadmill or when I up my weights during my lifts.  Even if you only drop 1 pound the next time you weigh yourself- dropping 1 pound is better than dropping zero pounds.  We need to celebrate all accomplishments, celebrate all the goals we meet and any progress we make along the way.  Cheer for yourself and cheer for others.

We all start at different levels and we all want different results.  Set goals for YOU.  Goals that will get you closer to where you want to be and then determine different ways you could track your progress.  Maybe you want to run a 5K, lose 10 lbs,

Whatever it is you decide you want to work towards, GO FOR IT.  Share your goals with your family or your friends; it’s a great way to stay accountable.  When you make some progress, share that too! It will keep pushing you to make more progress.

How do YOU track progress?