Pumpkin Spice, Abs that are Nice Day 29: Plank Knee Up

Happy day 29 of Pumpkin Spice Abs that are Nice!!

Todays ab exercise is plank knee up.

Things to keep in mind while doing the plank knee up:

  • Keep your eyes on the ground below you
  • Keep your shoulders pulled down so your back muscles are engaged–think of pulling your shoulders down away from your ears
  • Keep your abs TIGHT– think about pulling your belly button up into your spine.
  • Keep your glutes tight
  • Do not put your butt up into the air or let your back curve. You’re body should be in a nice straight line at all times
  • Drive your knee up to your elbow

**If you cannot keep your body in a straight line drop your knees down to the ground.

The goal is to do 30 seconds to a minute of plank knee ups for 3 sets. You can rest for up to 30 seconds between each set if needed.

Good luck with your abs today!! Don’t forget to use AND search #workitout100 #wio100challenge and #wio100abchallenge

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