Pumpkin Spice, Abs that are Nice Day 6: Leg Lifts

Happy day SIX of Pumpkin Spice Abs that are Nice!!

Todays ab exercise is leg lifts.

Things to keep in mind while doing leg lifts:

  • Keep your whole spine on the floor– do not let your lower back lift off the when your legs drop to the ground
  • Drop your feet as low a possible before you feel like your back is going to lift off the floor
  • You can put your hands beneath your butt– this does that the exercise a little easier if needed
  • Do not let your feet drop all the way to the ground

The goal is to do 15-30 leg lifts for 3 sets. You can rest for up to 30 seconds between each set if needed. If you are looking for more of a challenge you can ask a friend to “throw” your legs down for a harder workout! 🙂

Good luck with your abs today!! If you search the #’s you can see what other warriors are getting their abs in! Be sure to use #workitout100 #wio100challenge and #wio100abchallenge

<3 L&A