Sheehan is a 28 year old Chicago girl living in Indianapolis, IN.  She went to college at Butler University (go Bulldogs!) and studied marketing. Working at the fitness center in college stemmed her passion for fitness, but it wasn’t until the Workitout100 challenge where she became consistent & dedicated to health/wellness.  She is very grateful for the Workitout100 community of encouragers, leaders, and friends she has created.  Her passion lies within helping others find their best self within the health/wellness world, whether it be incorporate better food options, or get into a fitness regimen.  She enjoys setting goals & achieving them – one being: 3 half marathons completed, striving for a PR in May 2016 for her 4th half marathon.

Sheehan also enjoys spending time with her boyfriend, friends, and family being active/adventurous, creating new memories & living each day to the fullest. Her mantra is to live each day, focusing on the positives, and be grateful – because that’s all you can control: have faith in the process.

To get to know Sheehan better, you can follow along with her personal social accounts:Instagram