Product Review: Square Bars

As you all know we at #workitout100 LOVE a good protein bar! Laura tries her hardest to be both gluten, soy and dairy free, but has found it is a lot harder than she thought. It is really hard to find a bar that is both gluten and dairy free that doesn’t taste like cardboard. Until, she stumbled upon Square Organics on Instagram about five months ago.

Square Bar

Square Organics was created in a kitchen in San Francisco by a husband and wife named Sarah and Andrew Gordon. Sarah was battling some health issues and found that she needed to eliminate foods such as gluten, dairy, and soy to being down the inflammation in her body. She lives a very active lifestyle but she needed to find a product that would help fuel her body—> the birth of Square Bars. This story sounded WAY too familiar to Laura that she HAD to give the product a try.

Long story short—Laura fell in love and her body started to love her even more because her inflammation decreased (she knew she had to eliminate gluten, diary and soy because of a food sensitivity she has).

If you haven’t tried these amazing bars out yet—please do! Our favorites are the Chocolate Coated Cherry, and Chocolate Coated Coconut.

  • USDA Organic & Non- GMO Project Verified
  • 11-12 g of Complete Protein
  • Gluten-Free Certified, Dairy-Free, Soy-Free
  • Made with Coconut Nectar
  • No Added “Natural Flavors”
  • Vegan

Shop Square Bars at and use the code: workitout100 to save 20% off your order.