Start 2015 Off Right!

Start your new year off with the #workitout100 challenge!

*It’s FREE!
*It’s a great way to get into a workout routine that you can stick to and that works for your schedule *You have 2 built-in cheerleaders + a whole community of men and women from around the world who are also doing the challenge who can support you along the way.

Workitout100 is a 100-day fitness challenge to a healthier YOU. When you commit to #workitout100, you are committing to 100 days of working out. The motto for the challenge is: Get Up & Move. With that, a workout can be ANYTHING that gets you up and moving; a walk, run, bike ride, yoga class, stretching, weight lifting, etc. Working out 100 days in a row can be intimidating but

HOW: Just sign up on the webpage and get working out! If you’re at a loss for workout ideas, check out our “Fitness” tab on the webpage, we have included some awesome workouts you can do anywhere. We also have a lot of great workout ideas on our Pinterest page

Also, include #workitout100 on your fitness related posts on social media, so we can follow along your journey and cheer you on! (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

We would LOVE to have you on board #workitout100. Sign up today & let’s ring in the new year together!

CHEERS to 2015 & to 100!