“Starts as a challenge, turns into a lifestyle”

As many of you know, we started this fitness challenge because we wanted to see what our bodies could do in 100 days of working out. We were both so excited and ready to dominate our workouts all 100 days, and that we did! We both worked our butts off (literally) every single day. We would wake up at 4:27am to head to the gym for our morning workouts and often times head back to the gym for a little more cardio or for some abs and stretching after our work day. Our eating was on-point and Amanda cut out alcohol for the full 100-days. We went at it strong, and as the saying goes, “You get back exactly what you put in”. We worked hard and it paid off. Both of us were amazed by our results and couldn’t wait to continue setting goals and reaching them.

However, we both knew from the beginning that it wasn’t realistic to keep up the high intensity workouts and the perfect eating habits every day for the rest of our lives. That’s when we came up with our “Get Up & Move” motto. Everyone is at different levels when they start and not everyone wants the same results, which is why we at workitout100 love the motto, get up and move. A workout can be ANYTHING! You can run, walk, swim laps, take a yoga class, hit the weights, etc. The point of the #workitout100 challenge is to create a lifestyle and to get into a routine that is realistic for you. So whether you have 15 minutes or 2 hours a day for a workout, it doesn’t matter, it’s up to you. Find what works for you and stick with it.

Once our 100 days was nearing an end, we both discussed the fact that we were a little sad to see it end. We both knew that we had created a lifestyle and that keeping up with getting up and moving everyday was something we wanted to do. We came up with the idea to continue on with #workitout100 but change it to reflect our new everyday working out lifestyle. That’s when we created #workitout365.

We love progress pictures- who doesn’t?! We try to ditch the scales and stick to basing our progress by how we feel, how our clothes fit and our favorite is by pictures. We took pictures day 1, and then throughout our journeys we would take pictures to place side-by-side to show ourselves and the other Warriors how far we have come.
If you haven’t taken progress pictures of yourself yet, we highly recommend it. You don’t have to share the photos with anyone, but it’s fun to compare the pictures as the time goes on.

*The picture above is of us when #workitout100 first started. The top picture is about day 40 and the bottom picture is 9/13/14.