Stick with it!

Happy Wednesday, Warriors!

Here is a mid-week reminder to KEEP WORKING HARD! For many of us we started a round of #workitout100 at the start of the New Year.   This may be your first round of #workitout100, you may have completed many rounds, or you could be one of our Warriors who has started, fallen off, and started again. No matter what your journey has been in the past or what successes/challenges you have faced, always remember why you started and what your goals are!

Every Monday I write down what my goals are for the week and on Wednesday I like to check-in and see how i’m tracking to those goals.

Am I making myself a priority?

Am I giving my workouts my best?

Am I happy with my nutrition choices I have been making so far?

These are all great questions to ask yourself to keep you on track and remind yourself why you started this 100-day journey in the first place. The first three weeks are the hardest– so if YOU are in that time frame, keep it up! You’ve got this!! No matter if you are on day 3, 57, or 98 you are a ROCK STAR! Keep working hard! If you aren’t seeing the results you were hoping to see, hang in there– they will happen! If you have specific questions, comments, or concerns please contact us or if you want to share your story PLEASE email us! We love to hear your stories!