Track Your Days

When people think about working out 100 days in a row, it can be very intimidating and it can also be challenging to keep track of all the days. A lot of challengers ask us how we track our days. We have some ideas for you to use to help you stay on track.

Marbles In A Jar


This is the method Laura used for her first 100 days, and it worked great. She started with two jars, one was empty and one was filled with 50 marbles. Everyday after her workout, she would transfer one marble into the other jar. Once she transferred all 50 marbles from one jar to the other, she began moving the marbles back to the original jar, one day at a time, until she had all 50 marbles back in the jar they started in. HAPPY DAY 100!

Treat Yourself

Money Jar

If you’re challenging yourself to workout 100-days in a row, why not reward yourself after you complete this huge task- you will have earned it! Start with an empty jar. Every time you complete your workout for the day, toss $1.00 into the jar. Once you complete the 100-days, you will have $100.00 saved up. Head out and treat yourself to a new workout outfit, a person training session or to a nice night out on the town. 🙂

Take It Down/Cross It Out

100 count-down
If you’re like us, we are very visual people. We love to make lists and cross things off, or we love to remove items to show we have completed a task. 100-day countdown calenders are great because you can cross off each day as you complete it. Or creating a countdown using post-it notes, where you can remove a post-it note each day you complete your workout.

These are just a few ideas! Feel free to give them a try!

How do you track your 100-days?