When you think you can’t, YOU CAN!

Tour de Cure Atlanta,GA

When you think of a time when you have gone out of your way to help someone, is it fresh in your mind, or is it way back there? What is it that you have done to help others that may be less fortunate than you? It’s not always about money, but common issues that many deal with on a day to day basis; like health (physical or emotional), living situations, or simply just time.

I had the pleasure of doing just this on Saturday 6/11/16. I participated in the Tour De Cure here in Atlanta for American Diabetes Association. I signed up through my work to do a 28 mile bike ride. Not only was my work offering to create a team for this event, it just so happens to be my biggest passion when it comes to physical activity, CYCLING!! It also gave me a great opportunity to participate and raise money for such a great cause! It is a different sense of accomplishment when you know that each dollar you raised, each one of those miles you rode meant something so much bigger to someone who suffers from diabetes. So really it is simple. Raise money and ride your bike. Those are 2 things I am good at! 🙂

The morning of the ride, I was just in the starting stages of getting better from 3 weeks of one upper respiratory infection after another. I had not been on my beloved bike in four whole weeks. Gearing up and heading to the starting line, I knew one thing…I WAS READY! Red riders (riders living each day with diabetes) were there, strong riders, riders with no experience at all, even my roommate was with me as we pulled away on this adventure.

Now, they didn’t make this an “easy” ride by any means. A lot of hills, a lot of open roads on one of the hottest days here in Atlanta this year to date. But I pedaled for every dollar raised, for every Red Rider I saw, for everyone I know in my personal life that has struggled, does struggle, and manages their diabetes. I kept going up these hills even when I stared up from the bottom wanting to give up.

I didn’t give up.


Because they can’t. They fight every day with the same passion and the same drive I did. I knew I had to for them!

Two hours later, closing in on the end of the ride now. 28 miles and here we come to the finish line! What a fun day they had organized. A beautiful bike ride to start and then to end with a celebration where we had burgers, fruit, water, Gatorade, and massages. A family oriented day full of giveaways and events. We even got medals for completing it!

It leaves you feeling accomplished and feeling like in some way, you have helped in the fight against Diabetes. I will definitely be back next year and I hope to surpass my fund raising amount from this year!

-Emily Hardy (Ambassador)

The Cure